The rights and welfare of animals is the greatest social justice movement of our time and a calling for the evolution of humanity through conscious awakening.  We have not fully evolved as a society when the inhumane suffering of the innocent by the hands of “humanity” is still a reality.  The murder of any life is morally indefensible and a violation of the spirit at its’ core. 

The ego’s shadow has been cast upon a cultural heritage of collective suffering brought upon by a society in a state of ‘disconnect’ with an illusory separateness in consciousness that perceives the villosity of skin with a disparate separateness and perception of inequality.  Iniquity is born of spiritual ignorance controlled by the ego, which seeks to annihilate and gain dominance, and is the catalyst behind the atrocities committed in our cultural history, and continuing to this day.

The veil that lies over injustice in our society can no longer be obscured behind the destruction it has left clearly in its wake.  Earth is on the brink of a mass extinction of species.  More than 99 percent of all species, amounting to over five billion species that ever lived on Earth are estimated to be extinct. 

We are at a critical turning point for the welfare of both the human species and the nonhuman species, which are inextricably connected to each other in the web of life.  It is a call for humanity to awaken to the destruction of its egocentric ways to a paradigm shift of spiritual awakening that the human species is not superior to all other species and humanity's inextricable reliance on the biodiversity of our planet in order to survive.  Unless humanity awakens to the truth, it will continue its destructive reign upon our planet.

This powerful film will engage society with the compelling truth

within the fabric of a dynamic and evocative drama

that will move society to see with the eyes of the soul.

IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH will propel the mission through dramatic storytelling with universal appeal.  This compelling motion picture will shine a light on society’s exploitation of the innocent in the name of greed, vanity and ignorance, utilizing the power of film to intuitively evolve the consciousness of humanity, while entertaining audiences worldwide.

The value of entertainment and the evolution of consciousness are not mutually exclusive.  In fact, by synergistically combining these elements, we tap into deeper layers of the psyche, which elevates the movie experience and invigorates the senses.

A cognitive shift in perception will transform society’s behavior from one of ‘separation’ to ‘connection’: the quintessential turning point in the epiphany of the collective consciousness and the evolution of humanity toward progressive systemic change.